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Learn How to Write Chinese

It is said Mandarin Chinese is one of the top languages difficult to learn. The Chinese language embraces so […]

Learn Chinese Calligraphy

You have seen it everywhere. The beautiful strokes in black brushed on a canvas. Meaning something, but were not […]

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Learn Chinese Free

There is reason enough to learn Chinese in today’s world. In the business world, relationships with China are increasing […]

Learn to Speak Chinese

So, you want to learn to speak Chinese? And it’s no wonder whyÂ…with today’s world aggressively tapping into each […]

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What to Learn in the Chinese Language

This intense old world language is often interpreted as complex and impossible to master. It can become a frustrating experience instead of an exhilarating adventure. It is a myth that the language is too difficult to learn. You can learn the Chinese language well enough to suit your purpose or focus. If you are soon to visit China, then you probably would want to know at least minimal amount of the language to be able to communicate your needs while in their country. This would require a […]

I Want to Learn Chinese

That’s right! I want to learn Chinese. Chinese is the new language of today’s world. I look around and I can see where all this is going. Our world is growing at such a alarming rate and the world economy is merging at an unforgiving speed, I think we will all be speaking Chinese and Spanish right along with English. We are fast approaching a multi-lingual world. We won’t need subtitles on films, or an interpreter to hustle us through a Chinese menu, or an old world […]

It’s Easy to Learn Chinese Characters – Part 1

The Chinese language is most notably known for the written and beautiful characters stroked on the flat page. As old as 4000 years ago, this exquisite language exists as even more popular today. There are several masters of it’s legend left behind in history their work more as art then language. There are many resources available to learn Chinese characters. The Chinese language has become a popular study area for more and more people and continues to expand the supply and demand of good available teaching tools. […]

Learn to Read Chinese

If you ever sat down to eat in a Chinese restaurant, there’s a good chance you have had the opportunity to hear Chinese spoken fluently. The menu most likely contained beautiful Chinese characters depicting food offerings. This beautiful language lends its self to roots that began over 4000 years ago from the Sino- Tibetan vernacular form. Today, the most common style of Chinese used is the Mandarin Chinese language. There are many methods available to learn to read Chinese. The written characters have been narrowed down to […]