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Learn How to Write Chinese

It is said Mandarin Chinese is one of the top languages difficult to learn. The Chinese language embraces so many levels of complex spoken and written components within their language that it can almost seem to frustrating. In order to understand Chinese, you have to dissect the pronunciations, the written characters (and there are thousands upon thousands of them), and the tonal dialects used in each word. If the task of mastering the language becomes to cumbersome, it is often the choice to just give up. There […]

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Learn Chinese Calligraphy

You have seen it everywhere. The beautiful strokes in black brushed on a canvas. Meaning something, but were not sure what. You see it in tattoo’s left on the skin to declare deep significance to the wearer, and often out of curiosity we ask what it means. It is a peaceful mystery, we are drawn to it naturally. The infamy of Chinese calligraphy has become an art to be understood and learned. Not only do we want it on our walls and skin, we want to become […]

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It’s Easy to Learn Chinese Characters – Part 2

The Chinese language is most notably known for the written and beautiful characters stroked on the flat page. As old as 4000 years ago, this exquisite language exists as even more popular today. There are several masters of it’s legend left behind in history their work more as art then language. There are many resources available to learn Chinese characters. The Chinese language has become a popular study area for more and more people and continues to expand the supply and demand of good available teaching tools. […]

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