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A Guide to Learning Chinese Online

A Guide To Learning Chinese Online If learning the Chinese language is on your list of things to do, then consider using the first tool at your fingertips…your computer. Today, the internet is chocked full of a multitude of a variety of instructions for learning Chinese. Each site offers something unique and beneficial to that site, however, there are of course, some maintained with a more serious hand in learning and others, well, just plain frumpy. Before you begin, be prepared to do a lot of surfing […]

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Learn Chinese Free

There is reason enough to learn Chinese in today’s world. In the business world, relationships with China are increasing it’s influence in our economy. Attractive candidates for employers will encompass the skills of being bilingual. In our personal relationships, we are becoming elbow to elbow with combining cultures. Even online, our communications to pen pals exist in Asian countries and the need to break the language barrier stronger than ever. In social-patterns, we have to adopt cultural sensitivities to those merging into Americanism. By learning Chinese we, […]

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Learn to Speak Chinese

So, you want to learn to speak Chinese? And it’s no wonder why…with today’s world aggressively tapping into each other, we are culturally merging rapidly. The Chinese language has become increasingly popular, almost tripling the demand to learn the Chinese language in the past decade. High thanks to modern technology such as computers, cell phones, even MP3 players, language accommodation in these instruments is becoming the norm. Gone are the days of primary English communications on these devices, now you can speak and write the Chinese characters, […]

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