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Learn to Speak Chinese

So, you want to learn to speak Chinese? And it’s no wonder whyÂ…with today’s world aggressively tapping into each other, we are culturally merging rapidly. The Chinese language has become increasingly popular, almost tripling the demand to learn the Chinese language in the past decade. High thanks to modern technology such as computers, cell phones, even MP3 players, language accommodation in these instruments is becoming the norm. Gone are the days of primary English communications on these devices, now you can speak and write the Chinese characters, […]

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Learn to Read Chinese

If you ever sat down to eat in a Chinese restaurant, there’s a good chance you have had the opportunity to hear Chinese spoken fluently. The menu most likely contained beautiful Chinese characters depicting food offerings. This beautiful language lends its self to roots that began over 4000 years ago from the Sino- Tibetan vernacular form. Today, the most common style of Chinese used is the Mandarin Chinese language. There are many methods available to learn to read Chinese. The written characters have been narrowed down to […]

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